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Weighing of the Heart Ceremony Papyrus

Egyptian Papyrus Painting

This bright and beautifully detailed scene is of the weighing of the heart ceremony. This ceremony took place after you died and was your test in order to enter the afterlife. A giant scale would weigh your heart against the feather of truth (Maat) and if your heart was lighter than it then you would pass on, but if not then it would be eaten by the Amemet monster. To the Egyptians the heart was considered to be the seat of all knowledge instead of the brain. So here all your good and bad deeds were measured. On the far right is the image of the deceased as he bows to Thoth and Anubis, who will judge his fate. Thoth is the Ibis headed god who recorded all the happenings. While Anubis, god of the dead, watched over. Seated on top of the scale is a baboon. Baboons were guards of the first gate of the underworld and were connected with Thoth. On the far left is Ra-Horakhty, a combination of Ra (the Sun god) and Horus (the sky god). Hes seated as King, holding the crook and the flail and the 'was' scepter of power. The size of this papyrus painting is approximately 14" by 17 1/2".

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Weighing of the Heart Ceremony Papyrus
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